A little more about little me.

Have you always been a singer?

I have been a professional vocalist for about 8 years and a singer since age 4. I am the only vocalist in my family. My father is an audio engineer amazing percussionist/ bass player. I am classically trained, educated in jazz/contemporary performance. I sing, play a little keys and DJ.

Are you always bubbly?

YES. I have too much energy for a little engine. I just love making people feel good :)

What genre of music do you like?

HOUSE. Techno. Anything with that soul/gospel tip. Funk, dance, jazz-fusion, disco. I love taking popular music and putting my own spin on it with my band.

Where do you perform?

Local venues in Melbourne. Weddings, corporate events and private functions in Melbourne and Sydney mostly - anywhere the music takes me.

What styles do you perform in?

Acoustic duo / Acoustic jazz-funk trio / DJ / DJ + vocals / DJ Band.

What sets you apart from other singers?

Energy. I’m super fun-loving. I always interpret music in my own style so it sounds fresh every time. I always perform for you - I want you involved and feeling it. I sing, DJ, write music, dance, sing in Portuguese and Spanish. I LOVE improvisation with my band. Like, LOVE LOVE. A client said something interesting to me (about my voice) they said: “your voice is like you..not too hard, not too soft; not in-your-face. You have great control, tone and just flows. Where it sticks out with other vocalists, imperfections in your vocals seem to add to it..pleasant to listen to.”

As a Holistic wellness ambassador, how does this impact you as an artist?

I live for expression and connection. To have experiences that make great stories. I’m an earthy ‘think outside the square’ kind. I’m a logical thinker and extremely empathetic. I care about bringing consciousness to myself, those around me and everything I do. It keeps it real. Adopting holistic philosophy means I keep that high-frequency energy, bring positivity and a fresh approach.

Why holistic?

Mind-heart-body-soul are interconnected. To ignore one is to compromise all. It’s logical. Music and movement are undeniably bonded. Both powered through method and practice; breath; flow, rhythm, connection; alignment; frequencies; energy; strength; control; fun - all of the things. Realm upon realm; experience upon experience. Balancing all the parts that make the whole. It’s what completes us. I seek out things in life that help me feel those connections. I encourage that in others.

What is your mantra as a performer and in life?

Some things I typically say: “Find your own vibration and help others find theirs.” When I sing - I’m probably the most myself. So my music and life is about finding my authentic self and expressing that. “Don’t forget - THIS IS MEANT TO BE FUN.” “Move from the heart” or it doesn't work. “Go where you shine brightest and help others shine their light.” “Belief over all.” “Fk ups are necessary.” Always, always, bring your best - more mic-drop moments. “Have you moved today?.””JUST DANCE.” “FEEL GOOD IN YOUR SPACE SUIT.” It sounds tack out of context, you get what I mean :)

If you held a dinner party and could invite anyone dead or alive, who would you invite?

Erykah Badu. Jeff Buckley. Prince. Marvin Gaye. Ame and Dixon. D’Angelo. Mark Ronson please make my record. Frank Ocean. Lee Burridge. Rufus Du Sol. Bonobo. Boniver. Disclosure. SBTRKT. Bob Moses. James Blake. Leon Bridges. Daniel Johns. Sade. Peggy Gou. Now that’s a fkn party. Don’t let me invite any more i’ll be here for aaages.

Do you have any tattoos and what do they mean?

A CIRCLE !!! A small linear circle on my right wrist. It means everything to me. Life keeps adding another layer of meaning to it and it keeps meaning more and more. It was hand drawn. It’s not perfect and I love that more. Some meanings: Circle of life. Constancy. Balance. Evolution. A cypher which can be represented by a poetic circle. Completion. Oneness. The whole. Earth. You and I. LIFE. Did you know Ava means life?

What’s your favourite food?

Anything vegan or vego. I don’t push my lifestyle on anyone I want you to find your way. I do trust the science though.

You always mention ‘vibration’ and ‘frequency',’ what do you mean?

We are all made of atoms - energy. Everyone has their own unique vibrational frequency that makes up their energy. We try to live in ways to raise our vibration - keep the vibe high - so that we can meet others with that high vibration and make the space light and happy. In doing this - practices to raise our vibration through music, lifestyle and spoken mantras - we harness our inner God/Goddess. Disco disco.

Sound healing..432 what?

Sound is super important for the feel-good but also for healing empowerment. 432 Hz is the natural frequency of the universe. Using this and other frequencies of sound and specific words - we are drawn closer to the universe within and around, helping us to enter that ultimate conscious state and tap into cosmic healing and power. It’s the real deal and important for our humanity hence is used in world music. I’m increasingly fascinated by it all. We play with different sound frequencies to feel different things - low Hz for meditative and higher to feel balanced, alert, high-functioning, party-party…

What music are you working on at the moment, are you releasing original music soon?

I’m a slow burn!! Only over the last couple years have I started really sounding like me and understanding what my sound is. How to use it. Everything is connecting. I LOVE jamming with other musicians; discovering a new sound and having a new experience. Let’s see..!

What do you love best about performing?

Everything. It’s party time for me. JUST DANCE (insert dancing girl emoji = me).


I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. Hope to perform for you soon.


x Ava

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